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NaPoWriMo 8

April 9, 2012

NaPoWriMo websiteTechnology:  It was pretty simple in the end.  I clicked on the new post button, clicked on you fellow bloggers that had liked my posts and then clicked follow.  So I’m happy to report that I’m now following the people that have liked what I’ve written so far.  Thank you again.

People:  My sister and family left today.  We had a lovely time, what I have left are memories of family, photos and tidying up.

Poem: When I went to bed last night I wasn’t happy with the ending, then the last two lines came to me.  First thing this morning I’ve revised the poem.  So if you’ve already received it you’ll now be in the lucky position (should the motivation seize you) to compare and contrast both versions!  It’s still to do with staying focused, something that’s not always easy to do, particularly when the work on my desk feels less important than, well, I hope you enjoy it.

Stay focused

Thick boundary lines are purposely
drawn upon the page
scored deeply into the paper
Embossing the unturned pages beneath.

This goes Here!
That goes There!
There will be no distraction
That will be done.
This will be completed.
The evidence of labour
Focus made flesh on paper
brought to life by the appraisal
of other, more determined people.

Is each task boxed?
Are all edges sharpened?
There must be
no colouring over the lines.

Never stray over the border.
stay focused.
Don’t look out outside
where other grey windows
dimly reflect in their
empty eyes
a man who stares
at a magpie’s
fight against
winter’s scudding sky.
A buffeted flight
in black and white

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