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NaPoWriMo 21

April 21, 2012

Technology:  Again, thanks to those people that are choosing to follow me.  I’m surprised by the fact that anyone would want to and I’m beginning to understand that replying to other people’s blogs is an engaging way of finding fellowship on stories and subjects that I would never encountered unless I’d started this.  I’m finding this an unexpected blessing.  Mind you, what I am finding irritating is that I put the NaPoWriMo logo into every post and even though I put the proper address into the ‘link URL’ (which is, it links back to my blog which is bloody irritating.  If anyone is able to show me what to do, I’d appreciate it.

Poem:  Again I’ve turned to the official NaPoWriMo website for inspiration.  The challenge was to write a hay(na)ku.  A poem of made up of three lines with a sequential one word (line one), two words (line two), three words (line three).  The whole poem could be made up of verses based on this formula.  As opposed to the downbeat poems of the last couple of whatevers, I found following this approach made me feel light-hearted.  I do find my poetry odd sometimes.  By and large when I’m in conversation I think I’m witty and quick (mind you, who doesn’t).  But my poetry doesn’t necessarily reflect that aspect of my personality.  Anyway, I enjoyed today’s poetry challenge; I even put punctuation in.  I think the form demands the control of punctuation rather than in my other stuff allowing the reader to find the pauses by themselves.   I’ll try hay(na)ku again, I’m sure.

Happy Surprise

early morning
sky is glowing.

rings loudly,
demanding my consciousness.

is heavy
in my eyes.

the time.
Must get up.

what’s this?
I check again.

Ignore alarm
Today is Saturday!



  1. I’m not sure that I understand what you are asking, but I’ll try to help.

    Where do you want the reader to be taken when they click on your logo image?

    When you add the image in your post, the URL you put in the “Link URL” field determines what webpage a browser goes to when the reader clicks on the image. For example, if you enter in the Link URL field, the reader will be taken to your blog’s homepage when they click on the image. If you don’t want them to be taken anywhere when they click on the image, just leave that field blank.

    Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question and I’ll try again 🙂


    • Dear Aquaponic family,
      I was having trouble with the napowrimo logo. As I had to download it to my PC and then paste it into my posts when it was clicked on it wouldn’t take you anywhere (well it actually opened the blog again). So I placed it into my post, stripped the address out and replaced the address with the actual napowrimo website address. I think it works now, so thanks for your helpful advice. BTW I enjoy reading your blog. It takes me away from having to think up a fresh poem every day! I don’t know whether this is appropriate for you but if you want to raise the profile of what you’re doing in the local community have you thought about inviting the local junior school kids around? Have a word with your local teacher, I’m sure there is probably a project in it. Anyway, feel free to ignore this.
      Happy cultivating


      • It’s funny you mentioned that, because we’ve been talking to our son’s teacher about setting up a small system for the students. I hope it works out and they enjoy learning about aquaponics.


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