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NaPoWriMo 30 LAST ONE!

April 30, 2012

Technology:  Learning to use wordpress has been kinda rewarding.  The positive has been that it’s very easy to get from no blog to having a blog.  Easy to set up.  However, the harder part is going from beginner to intermediate capability.  Whilst it’s easy to like and follow fellow bloggers, I still find it difficult to reply easily to people that have either liked or commented on my poems.  Another specific issue is not having found out how to put links to other blogs on my landing page.  However, I’ve only been using wordpress for a month and if I continue then I will eventually find my way around it and become more competent.

People: Wow!  I set this blog up specifically to do napowrimo.  I didn’t expect, although I hoped, that other bloggers would either notice, care or like what I was doing.  I’ve been proved wrong and as time has moved on I’m just beginning to understand and appreciate the rich world of blogging.  It’s been uniformly supportive, helpful and positive.  Thanks to those people that have followed me, commented and helped me.  I’ve also begun to understand the reciprocal nature of blogging.  Taking time to read the blogs, poems, contributions of people that have taken an initial punt and liked what I’ve done.  So many thanks.

Poems:  I think what I’ve learnt from this month is to be less precious about what I write.  The ‘hack’ nature of napowrimo means that not every poem can be a heavenly inspiration, hand crafted in to finest art; and it shows.  When I look back at what I’ve written each poem is a good reflection of where I was mentally on each day and that there are probably 5 that I’m particularly happy with.  I started out wanting to get a sense of who I am as a poet and what it is that I write about.  I’ve tried different styles, content, emotions and lengths.  Speaking honestly, I’m still not particularly clear what my voice or my niche is.  Maybe trying to understand that in one month was too aspirational.  As a poet I’d like to believe that I would continue to evolve and learn my craft.

What next? Well, I now care that I have followers but I don’t think I’ll be writing a poem everyday.  As April sweeps into May and I look back at the tags that are on my home page I notice the word ‘drunk’ is rather large.  So for May and May only, in an attempt to save money and my health, I’m going to stop drinking and stop smoking.  These are big asks.  But my motivation is: 2 birthdays, my wedding anniversary and a trip to France (which needs paying for).  And now I’ve told you lot, well, I will blog my progress.

Today’s poem: I was aiming to do some kind of valedictory poem but nothing would come.  Instead I’ve done something that describes what has happened today.  I had to take my son to hospital.  Well, you read it, comment if you will and once again, many thanks.

Not funny

Although I say it’s funny
it’s not really.
That I chose to
drink coffee and eat chocolate
rather than the water and fruit
I brought with me.

I told my son I loved him.
He looked at me with adolescent indifference.
I wanted to hug him
but he didn’t want a fuss
so I stroked his arm.
Hot hand on a cold shoulder.

We’ve tracked these
disinfectant corridors
five failed times.
Now he is free of hope.
‘Maybe this time?’
The response a blank stare.
The shutters have come down
he turns away
beyond me.
Beyond the trolley scarred doors
with their porthole windows
in the room of sharp lit scalpels
and green gowned surgeons.

I press my hands against
those wounded, separating doors,
the elastic minutes stretched to hours.

So although I say it’s funny
it’s not really.
that I chose to
drink coffee and eat chocolate
rather than the water and fruit
I brought with me.


  1. Mark permalink

    Thanks for all of this month’s poems Russell. I think I’ve found something I’ve enjoyed in all of them. And your openness and humour have been apparent every day. I’ll miss my daily peek at your thoughts. Cheers


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