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NaPoWriMo April 13 haiku catchup (4 of 12)

April 22, 2013


When I returned home I started to tidy up.  This included stacking the empty wine bottles.  I think I drink a fair amount.  This in the sense that I hate to leave a half empty bottle.  I would rather finish it and deal with the consequences the following morning.  It’s a plan that works best on Friday and Saturday nights, or should that be it only works on Friday and Saturday nights.  Anyway, I love the sound of clinking bottles.  There is an almost overwhelming desire to bang the bottles together to see how loud I can make them clink together before they smash.  I like taking them down to the bottle bank and smashing them.  There is something primeval about the pleasure I get from hearing that percussive explosion and then shards raining onto the bottles below like sharpened rain.  It could be me but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like smashing bottles.

Haiku 4 – Friday 2.00 pm

Empty bottles clink

ghost echoes, memories of

full glasses and friends


From → NaPoWriMo 2013

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