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NaPoWriMo April 15 Haiku catchup (6 of 12)

April 22, 2013

napo2013buttonAt this point in the day I’m starting to get a bit tense as the kids will be coming back from school.  The relative peace of the house is changed.  The TV goes on, music, the sound of the fridge door opening, closing, opening.  The actual sequence is footsteps, fridge door opening, muttering, fridge door slamming shut, cupboard door being opened, “DAD! Why haven’t we got any food!”,me: “Have some toast, have some cereal, have some fruit”, “No!, I want a sandwich!”, cupboard door slamming, retreating footsteps.  This carries on until I’m forced against the weight of complete apathy, to make a decision.

Haiku 6 – Friday 4.00pm

Children home again

Pestered by requests for tea.

Defrost sausages


A thought strikes me.  I am delighted that an increasing number of fellow bloggers have chosen to follow me and are automatically sent emails, tweets etc when I update my blog.  You will have now received 6 updates after 12 days of silence.  I think if I received such a number of emails, even from a close friend, I would become increasingly less tempted to read them and increasingly eager to simply delete them.  If the volume is starting to annoy you, I’m sorry.  I’ll stop for today but I will continue tomorrow (be warned!) so there will be a bunch more.  Do adjust your settings if you can’t face it


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