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I am a poet and a writer of short narrative pieces.  I particularly enjoy performing my works in front of an audience.  I’m using this blog to take part in the National Writing Poetry Month

I wrote the above a year ago and since that time I’ve carried on writing and performing.  I did 24 performances so it was a good first year.   I’ve not really done too much with the blog since that time but I did enjoy following other people and having people follow me.  There was a fine eclectic mix which brought different views and perspectives to my work.  NaPoWriMo is great for motivating me to produce poems.  The quality is variable, but those with a germ of a good idea can always be tweaked or changed wholesale later.  I used a number of the poems I wrote for my recitations.  So although the next month will put pressure on me, the outcomes are worth it.

  1. shanesbookblog permalink

    one day I hope I can recite a piece in front of an audience. To be able to enjoy it and not be nervous would certainly be a gift!

    24 performances!?

    I feel so much more like an amateur now HaHa, that’s great!

    Do you have any of them on tape? Would love to see what it is like to actually recite a poem in front of a live audience,My nerves freak out just thinking about it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love connecting with fellow Poets and checking out there blogs!

    “By blogging you inspire others and in turn you become inspired yourself”

    Truer words have yet to be spoken. =]



    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I certainly agree with your sentiments about connecting with fellow poets and their blogs. It’s good to read what is going on for other people and how that’s transmitted into poetry. Would you like to perform? If so and if you are based in the UK there is a website that will provide information about local gigs. I went to a couple before I read anything but what I did find is that the audiences always remember their first time and are uniformly supportive. I always have nerves but nerves are part of the performance. That gnarly feeling goes with the territory. I have thought about recording and putting them on the blog but I just haven’t got round to it…yet. keep writing, reading, listening and observing


  2. May I know what you might publish next after NaPoWriMo is over? (Can’t believe it’s so soon!)


    • I really don’t know. After last year I ‘promised’ to keep writing and blogging, but I only did it irregularly so all the followers I generated fell away, unsurprisingly. What are your plans?


      • This was my first try at NaPoWriMo, and I can imagine it would be hard to continue writing after being fed daily inspiration for the challenge. I will probably return to posting a few times a week about ballet, book reviews, and some work I’ve written the past few years in high school. And there’s always the random posts about life in general. I’m also thinking about doing a big awards ceremony, so stick around 🙂


  3. I think that blogging is like going for a swim in a new lake. A lot of the enjoyment comes from overcoming the fear of the unknown. I’m only getting to grips with it slowly and i think there comes a decision point which is how much time do I invest in this and to what end? For me I’m not sure what I want to achieve with my blog. I like getting followers, I enjoy getting comments, I love replying and I really like exploring what other people are doing with their lives. But at the moment blogging is something I do in addition to all the other things I do, not an integrated part of what I do. Maybe I need to decide on a destination?


  4. Hello! I nominated you for two awards. More info here:


    • Hi Rachel,
      sorry for taking time to reply to your comment. I really appreciate you deciding to put me forward for the awards. I’ve been reading your blog and it seems that you’re incredibly busy this year. No wonder you’re output has suffered. I find it a constant battle, as my attempts at NaPoWriMo have shown! All I can say is don’t beat yourself up. Every experience is potential for future production. Well, that’s what I say to myself anyway 🙂
      Thanks again for putting me forward for the award, its much appreciated.
      keep experiencing and keep writing


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